Thursday, September 14, 2017

Media Advisory - Appeals Chamber schedules public hearing on 11 October 2017

Leidschendam, 14 September 2017. A hearing will take place on Wednesday 11 October 2017 at 9.30 am C.E.T, according to a scheduling order issued yesterday by the STL Appeals Chamber.

The Appeals Chamber's hearing will provide the Prosecutor and Head of the Defence Office an opportunity to make oral submissions on the legal questions raised by the Pre Trial Judge, who is currently reviewing a confidential indictment filed for confirmation. During this process, he found necessary that the Appeals Chamber clarifies certain aspects of the applicable law.

The questions concern the crime of criminal association as defined in Article 335 of the Lebanese Criminal Code and the criteria for reviewing the indictment.

The hearing will start with opening remarks by the President of the Appeals Chamber, Judge Ivana Hrdličková. The Prosecutor will then be invited to make his oral submissions, followed by the Head of the Defence Office.

After hearing the parties, the Appeals Chamber will render its interlocutory decision in due course.

Important note to the journalists: Accreditation is mandatory for the media who wish to attend the hearing. Please fill in the accreditation form before Monday 9 October 2017, 17.30 C.E.T

Background information:

  1. Rule 68 (G) of STL Rules of Procedure and Evidence provides that "the Pre Trial Judge may submit to the Appeals Chamber any preliminary question, on the interpretation of the Agreement, statute and Rules regarding the applicable law, that he deems necessary in order to examine and rule on an indictment.
  2. Rule 176 (bis) states that the Appeals Chamber shall issue an interlocutory decision on any question raised by the Pre Trial Judge under Rule 68 (G) without prejudging the rights of any accused. The Appeals Chamber is also mandated to hear the views of the Prosecutor and the Head of the Defence Office in a public session.

Please note that the content of the indictment remains confidential and will not be discussed during the hearing. Its contents may only become public if the indictment is confirmed by the Pre-Trial Judge.