Friday, November 16, 2012

Prosecution Files Pre-Trial Brief

Leidschendam, 16 November 2012 – The Prosecution at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon filed yesterday its Pre-Trial Brief, the list of witnesses it intends to call at trial, and the list of exhibits it intends to offer into evidence.
The filing is in accordance with a deadline set by the Pre-Trial Judge as part of the preparation for trial.
The Prosecution's 58-page Pre-Trial Brief elaborates on the allegations and charges in the Indictment. It includes, for each count charged in the Indictment, a summary of the evidence which the Prosecution intends to bring regarding the commission of the alleged crime and the form of responsibility incurred by the accused.
The Pre-Trial Brief and associated documents were all filed on a confidential basis. The list of Witnesses and list of Exhibits will remain fully confidential, unless the judges decide otherwise.
A public redacted version of the Pre-Trial Brief will be available soon.