Monday, May 21, 2012

Media Advisory - Trial Chamber hearing on STL’s jurisdiction

Leidschendam, May 12 - The Trial Chamber has scheduled a hearing on June to hear arguments on the jurisdiction of the STL and the legality of its creation.

The defence counsel representing the four accused - Salim Ayyash, Mustafa Badreddine, Hussein Oneissi and Assad Sabra -filed motions recently challenging the legality and jurisdiction of the Tribunal.

In their motions, the Defence argued that the STL was established unlawfully and applies justice selectively.

It is common practice in international tribunals for the Defence to challenge the jurisdiction of the courts. The Prosecution has until June to file a response to the Defence motions.

The landmark hearing will be another step towards trial in the case of Ayyash et al.

The Trial Chamber ruled in February that the four accused would be tried in their absence. The STL is the only existing international tribunal that can hold trials in absentia, since its statute includes elements of both Lebanese and international law.

Lawyers for the victims of the February 05 attack have been invited by the Trial Chamber to file observations on the challenges to the STL's jurisdiction. The Tribunal's Registrar appointed legal representatives for the victims participating in proceedings last week.