Friday, October 7, 2011

STL Media Advisory – Appeals Chamber rules on matter of El Sayed

Leidschendam, 7 October 2011 – The Appeals Chamber ruled today that statements of certain witnesses must be provided by the ProsecutorThe individual mandated by the Statute of the Tribunal to investigate and prosecute individuals alleged to have committed crimes within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal to Mr Jamil El Sayed swiftly. The decision confirms in part an earlier ruling by the Pre Trial Judge ordering that the documents be disclosed.

With regards to the statements of other witnesses, the Appeals Chamber returned the matter to the Pre Trial Judge for further consideration. The Prosecutor must now work with the Tribunal's Victims and Witnesses Unit to ensure that the disclosureThe act of revealing the evidence held by the Defence or Prosecution to the opposing party in trial proceedings. of such statements will not present risks to any persons nor impede the Ayyash et al proceedings.

This appealAlso referred to as "appellate proceedings". A legal proceeding in which the appellant resorts to a higher Chamber or court for the purpose of obtaining a review or reversal of the lower Chamber's or court's judgment was in the context of Mr El Sayed's ongoing efforts to obtain documents in the STL Prosecutor's possession, which are necessary for him to pursue his claims before national courts against those allegedly responsible for his previous detention in Lebanon.